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Finally, things are moving ahead, and it is no more a standstill and what is more apt is that our plate is quite full of entertainment and events. One such event which is all about encouragement, enthusiasm, and energy is the Olympics. 


The Olympics is in full gear, and so are we. We have been predicting the Olympics left, right, and centre. You can read about the performance of Indian Hockey in the 2021 Olympics and badminton singles in the 2021 Olympics. Today we are going to talk about Vinesh Phogat in Tokyo Olympics and Bajrang Punia in Tokyo Olympics. 


Wrestling in Tokyo Olympics is one of the games that we have fared pretty well in the history of the Olympics. But our expectations of Vinesh Phogat in the Tokyo Olympics is riding high because she is the first Indian woman wrestler who had won Gold both in the Asian Games and Commonwealth


Moreover, does the name Phogat ring a bell? Yes, she belongs to the extended family of the Dangal sisters. Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari are both famous International wrestlers. Another feather to her cap is her nomination for Laureus World Sports Awards. Vinesh Phogat is the only Indian to have been given this honour. She has taken the family talent further!


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Along with Vinesh Phogat prediction in Tokyo Olympics, we would also be looking at Bajrang Punia prediction in Tokyo Olympics. Bajrang Punia is the hope of the Indian wrestling team in the Tokyo Olympics. So before we tell you the performance of Bajrang Punia in the Tokyo Olympics. Let us brief you about India’s contender for men’s wrestling in Tokyo Olympics. 


Bajrang Punia is the silver medalist of both the Commonwealth game and the Asian games 2014. In 2018 he upgraded his silver to gold and became the gold medalist of the 2018 commonwealth games. In 2021, Bajrang Punia qualified for the Olympics as well. It is quite a dashing time for us on the wrestling front in the Olympics! He is quite an achiever already, don’t you think so? 


These are our Indian wrestling team in Tokyo Olympics. What do you think they’ll bring home – Gold, Silver, or Bronze? 


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Astrological Significance Of Vinesh Phogat In Tokyo Olympics


Solar Chart of Vinesh Phagot: –

vinesh phogat kundali


Planetary Position: –


As per the solar chart of VINESH PHOGAT, Leo is the ascendant. Planet Sun & Mercury are in the Leo sign, forming Budh Aditya Yoga. Planet Venus is in the Virgo sign. Planet Jupiter & Rahu are in the Libra sign. The retrograde planet Saturn is in the Aquarius sign. Planet Moon is in Pisces. Planet Ketu is in Aries sign. Planet Mars is in the Gemini sign.


This is the planetary position of Vinesh Phogat which will determine how she will perform in the Tokyo Olympics. You can also know your planetary position and how that will shape your future with the help of your Janampatri


Indian Wrestling Prediction In Tokyo Olympics Based On Final Round Chart 


Date of Final Round:- 6 August 2021


Time Of Final Round:- 18:15 to 22:00


Venue:- Makuhari Messe Hall A, Tokyo, Japan 



As per the solar chart of Vinesh Phagot & chart of the final round of Women’s Wrestling competition Tokyo Olympics 2021, retrograde Aquarius Jupiter in transit on Saturn (7th & 6th house lord) & aspecting Sun (1st house lord) as well as Mercury (2nd & 11th House lord) with the complete aspect. Planet Mars & Venus in transit on Planet Sun & Mercury. Planet Moon is in transit on planet Mars in the Gemini sign. Pisces Moon of solar chart & Gemini Moon of Final round chart is square to each other. Malefic planets Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are not disturbing the planets of the solar chart.


Therefore time is in favour of Vinesh Phogat. She could get a Gold Medal.  


Astrological Significance Of Bajrang Punia In Tokyo Olympics


Date Of Birth:- 26 February 1994


Place Of Birth:- Khudan, Jhajjar, Haryana


Solar Chart of Bajrang Punia

bajrang punia kundali


Planetary Position: –


As per the solar chart of Bajrang Punia, Aquarius is the ascendant. Planet Sun, Saturn, Venus & Mercury are in the Aquarius sign. Planet Ketu is in the Taurus sign. Planet Moon is in the Leo sign. Planet Jupiter is in the Libra sign. Planet Rahu is in the Scorpio sign. Planet Mars is in the Capricorn sign.


Indian Wrestling Prediction In Tokyo Olympics Based On Final Round Chart 


Date Of Final Round:- 7 August 2021

Time Of Final Round:- 18:45 to 22:00

Venue:- Makuhari Messe Hall A, Tokyo, Japan

bajrang match kundali


As per the solar chart of Bajrang Punia & chart of the final round of Men’s Wrestling Tokyo Olympics 2021, retrograde Jupiter is transiting on planet Sun (7th house lord name fame), Mercury (5th & 8th house lord), Venus (4th & 9th destiny house lord) & Saturn (1st & 12th house lord) & aspecting planet Moon (6th house lord) with the complete aspect. 


Planet Saturn is in transit on planet Mars (3rd & 10th house lord). Planet Mars & Venus is in transit on Planet Moon (6th house lord). Planet Ketu is transit on planet Rahu in Scorpio sign & planet Rahu is transit on planet Ketu in Taurus sign. Both the moon’s planets are in biyabaru, but it is beneficial for Bajrang Punia. 


As per this situation of planets, time is in favour of Bajrang Punia. There is a maximum possibility for Bajrang Punia to get a Gold Medal. 


We wish both the players good luck, make them have a spectacular time and put up the best of their performance.


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