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mayawati in up election 2022

Many consider the victory of Yogi Adityanath-led BJP in the upcoming 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections as a foregone conclusion However, others feel that in politics, nothing and nobody can be easily discounted. 

As BSP supremo, Mayawati, unveils her party’s mission 2022 on Sept. 7, 2021, for the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections, her voters and supporters are keeping their fingers crossed. Can BSP pose a challenge to BJP in Uttar Pradesh? Or, at least, can BSP outdo SP in the race for the number 2 party in the state and thus emerge as a strong opposition? While poll pundits and political analysts may have their assessments, here is what Ganesha has predicted by invoking Astrology. Read on to know the findings: 


Astrological Predictions For Mayawati: 


Future Not Really Bright For BSP And Mayawati 

As per Mayawati’s astrology (according to her birth date which is Jan 15, 1956), there is the shapit (cursed) dosha of Saturn-Rahu in her horoscope. Besides, the combination of Mars and Rahu are creating Angarik dosh. All the more, the negative planet Ketu is transiting over this dosh. As per the planets, Mayawati will have to struggle a lot. She may incur repeated failures. At the same time, the transit of Jupiter over natal Venus may give her some relaxation. After Sept. 2021, the negative situation may lessen for Mayawati and her political scenario may improve to some extent. However, until Apr 2022, that is till the Rahu-Ketu transit, Mayawati will have to tread very carefully. 


Confronting BJP May Be A Tough Challenge For Mayawati 

Mayawati is making preparations to make her party win in a big way. She has begun her electoral preparations from Ayodhya. So, she is again setting aside focus on one caste or social category and is striving for social engineering. The support base of BSP has declined after 2012. Facing and confronting the pro-Hindutva BJP may be quite challenging for Mayawati, predict the stars. 



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