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Do you love spending the weekend in the shopping malls, juggling between thousands of options and variety? How often do you visit online shopping sites? Is it that you can’t resist buying new headphones or new fashion accessories. Or, your cupboard has no room for new clothes, still, you don’t find anything suitable for your mood. Yes, it’s a sign that you’re in the shoes of Rebecca Bloomwood, a Shopaholic.

But before judging yourself, take a look at your zodiac and check your shopping pattern.  


Aries Shoppers 

Fussy Aries always lack patience. Most of the time they act before thinking. It reflects in their shopping behavior as well. If they come across any sale or discount offer, they will rush to it without thinking twice. Rams love being the center of attraction, they tend to spend a hefty amount to please relatives and friends. They also have a tendency to buy expensive gifts and articles regardless of their budget. 


Taurus Shoppers

Bulls too love spending time checking out new things. But they are very precise about what they are looking for. Taureans are fashion-conscious creatures, therefore you can find them in any of the apparel sections in the mall or surfing fashion sites online. They save and spend a good budget on their clothing needs. You will find all the trendy clothes and accessories in their wardrobe. Obviously, Taurus women are more active shoppers than Taurus men. 


Gemini Shoppers

If you need a companion during shopping, ask a Gemini. They will never say no to shopping joyride. They can spend hours exploring articles in a shopping mall and online sites, but they always keep in mind their budget before spending. Gemini love doing window shopping. It is not a wonder they are aware of all the shopping trends and best offers around them. 

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Libra Shoppers 

Venus is the Ruling Planet for scales, therefore they have a natural attraction towards luxury. They keep shopping to upgrade their lifestyle. They love to equip themselves with trendy and latest things. They don’t hesitate to replace their old car, house interior, or wardrobe too often with better versions, even if that requires them to take a loan. 


Leo Shoppers 

For Lions, shopping is like therapy for them to come out of melancholy. Electronic gadgets are their first love, but they love doing a shop for fashion accessories. Leos are brand-conscious chaps, they don’t compromise on quality. Although they love showing off their precious belongingness in their network and being the center of attraction. 


Aquarius Shoppers 

They like to follow the suit of other people. If they find any new article or apparel with their acquaintance, they get inspired to take a route to the nearest shopping place. Instead of roaming with friends, they like to take a solo trip that can allow them to explore things without interruption. They love adding new gadgets to their collection, for that they prefer online shopping a lot.

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Sagittarius Shoppers 

Budget is the last thing an Archer can worry about. They are the most shopaholic zodiac among all. They keep changing things very often. Sometimes you can find them in an interior shop searching for new curtains or art pieces, other times you can spot them outside a bookstore. A Sagittarius woman can be seen shopping for cosmetics and jewelry every now and then. 


Pisces Shoppers 

Fishes too love shopping, but not for themselves, merely for others. They have a tendency to show their affection by gifting to their close and dear ones. They also search for interior items to enhance the look of their living room. They hardly shop for themselves. In case they do, it can be any spiritual book or a pen to write some beautiful memories. 

American Actress Bo Derek said once “Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” Wishing you all happy shopping.


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